How to adjust details of a confirmed booking ?

Will one more guest be joining? Do you need a projector? Will you have to use the space one more more than expected?

You have booked a space but there are some changes to be made on the booking? No problem!

Go to the hire details page and add or change all the extras in the tool: "Adjust Bookings". The request will be sent to the space provider and he/she will confirm them. In case of approval, your hire will be updated and you’ll be notified. Most of our spaces accept changes automatically so that you will receive a confirmation immediately.

Where can I get the new invoice?

When there is a change to a booking we do not immediately update the invoice. If there is a change we will wait till 3 days after the check out before updating the invoice. That allows to accommodate more changes as the preparation of your booking happens. After 3 days you will automatically receive the final invoice. 

Please feel free to contact your Spacebase assistant for further questions.