How can I change my Space to 'on request'?

It is possible to change your profile to 'on request'. 

Especially for smaller meeting rooms, we recommend to always give prices, because rooms with prices are requested much more often by potential customers.
For larger locations and events, however, it may be reasonable to set the venue or space to "on request".
How can I change this?
Change this by editing your space. 
1. Once logged in on the platform in the upper right corner you can click on 'Venues'.
2. Once clicking on 'Venue List' you can then see an overview of all your Venues and Spaces. Here you can edit and add Venues and Spaces however you like.
3. Click on 'Edit' next to the Space you want to change.
4. In the editing mode of the Space you can click on the section 'bookings' where you edit your pricing structure and set your Space profile 'on request'.