Confirmation rate

The confirmation rate is our new feature that allows customers to see how reliable you are as a space provider. Based on this, customers can see how reliably you process requests. The higher the rate, the better the space profile. 

If direct booking is activated, customers can book directly and no longer have to wait for the request to be processed, but receive the booking confirmation immediately. 

A high confirmation rate shows that you process and confirm bookings reliably and hardly ever reject bookings.

If you have not had any bookings yet, your profile shows that we do not have any data yet. This will change as soon as you receive enquiries.

If you do not answer enquiries or if you reject them, the confirmation rate will drop and your profile will show "uncertain availability". This does not make a positive impression on customers, but this can be improved by answering future enquiries more reliably.

Here are some hints to boost your space reliability and generate more bookings: