How can I set up my Profile for a Company Account?

If you have received an invitation for a company account, there are a few necessary steps to be able to access the company account.
If you are already on Spacebase, you can skip the following step and start with Step 2. If you are not yet part of the Spacebase portfolio, start with the following: 

Step 1: Preparations/requirements 

Step 1.1: Create your Space profile. You have probably already received a link to your Light profile. You now only need to adopt this and then create the individual rooms as a Space. You can find all the information here. If you don't have a Light profile yet, follow the instructions here to create your location and your Spaces.
Step 1.2: Set your prices. You do this as follows on Space Level in the "Booking" section of your Space. Here is some more information on how to set your prices.

Step 1.3: Set your cancellation conditions to "flexible". You can find out how this works here.
Step 1.4: Set your availabilities. You can set these in the "Availability" section. It is important that you link your calendar so that the live availabilities are visible to the Company Account and you are competitive and can generate bookings. "Automatic Confirmation is a requirement to sell to a Company Account. Therefore, accurate availabilities are even more important. Here you can find more information about the integration of the calendar.

Step 2:  Company Account Settings

After the preparations are done, the relevant Spaces and Locations can be added to a company account. This works automatically when a booker of a company account requests a Space or alternatively when our team adds your Space to an account. If you feel that your Space has not yet been added to a relevant Company Account, please contact our team via the chat on this page. 
Step 2.1: Set individual rates for the specific company account. You can find out how this works here.
Step 2.2: Create the requested event packages. Company accounts have the option of accessing a prefabricated event package ("Agreement Package") across all spaces during the booking process. This simplifies the booking process considerably and ensures that the required extras are always available in each Space and are already available accordingly. If the Company Account has an Event Package stored, you will see it in your location's edit page. You can find out how to maintain the event package here.