Distribution of venues across sites

We make it simple for you. You can manage your space across all sites in one central backoffice. 

You see all bookings and requests consolidated in one place and any change you make is immediately shared across all sites. Login to your Space Dashboard on Spacebase and manage the distribution for each venue individually.

This is how you activate the distribution:

Once you logged in to your Dashboard navigate to the editing of your venue.

Choose the "Distribution" Tab

Once you are in the Distribution tab you will see a list of all available sites that you can distribute your venue or spaces to. By default the site that you originally signed up to is activated as distribution. Once you activate a site for a given venue all the spaces of that venue are automatically distributed to the site. (What's the difference between a venue & space?) If you wish to limit the distribution to certain spaces you can do so by individually configuring it under "Edit Space Visibility". 

Important!: Make sure to save the changes by clicking "Save"
We highly recommend you to always activate spacebase.com as the main backoffice for operations. See more info about which site is relevant for you here.

Note: If you wish to not show your Space on any of the sites you can deactivate all sites and your venue/spaces won't be visible