I'm registered on several sites - how can I merge my profiles?

Great news, you are benefitting from our Migration into a single backoffice. After our Migration to "Spacebase Universe" in Sept. 2021 you are able to manage your different space & venue profiles that you have across the Spacebase family brands in one single backoffice. This covers all our sites Spacebase, Eventsofa, Deskbookers, Craftspace, Okanda and Mice-Agency.

We merge profiles automatically

During migration we do the best we can to identify duplicate profiles and merge them directly so that you will have only 1 relevant profile for you venue/space left. However, we might have missed your venue. In that case: Please let us know which venue or space profile should remain available and which one is outdated. Please tell us the exact IDs of your venue & space when using the contact form below. 

Note: See this guide on finding your space & venue IDs