The Bookingtool

What is the Bookingtool?
The booking tool can be integrated into your own website. With this tool you make it possible for customers to book your rooms via your own website by use of Deskbookers/Spacebase. 

You'll receive a hassle-free solution for those bookings: All customers making a booking over this tool are processed holistically with payment and accounting flows run by Spacebase/Deskbookers within the agreed commission levels.

How to integrate the bookingtool?

To integrate the booking tool on your website, you need to have your venue distributed on Spacebase. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to edit on your venue profile and click the tab 'distribution'  
    1. Venue Dashboard > Edit venue > Distribution Tab
  2. Switch the button behind Spacebase to distribute your venue to Spacebase. 
  3. Check under ‘edit room visibility’ if all your rooms are selected. 

When this is done, continue to the next paragraph.

Follow the next steps to integrate the booking tool on your website:

  1. Ask help from the developer of your website. 
  2. Go to edit on your venue profile and click the tab 'integration'  
    1. Venue Dashboard > Edit venue > Integration Tab
  3. Follow the instructions on this page. 
  4. Grant the access for all the domains where you want to use the integration of the booking tool. 
  5. Copy the integration code and paste it on the place where the booking tool is integrated in your website. 

Please Note: As of January 01, 2022 The Booking Tool is only supported from Admin and not any of the other domains we are running (e.g. or If you follow the guide and the links above you are sorted.