How to create a Space Profile?

Once you registered on the platform and activated your account you can start creating your first venue and space! For Spacebase you can create your first Venue also here.

1. When starting to create the venue please note that there is more information you can fill out once you have submitted your venue for review.  Fill out all information needed in this process.

2. After that you click on "submit for review"

3. Then you can fill out the venue  profile with additional information, such as a description or photos. 

4. Once you have done that, you can create the corresponding Space. Please note that you need to create a space profile as well. If you only have one room the venue and space profile can be the same. Without a space profile you won't get published and shown in our portfolio.

5. There, too, you fill in all the necessary information and publish it.
6. After that you can then edit the Space and add more information about your Space, such as a description, capacities, photos, extras, and opening hours.