What is the Spacebase Family?

At Spacebase we understand the importance and meaning of space for all our (work-)lives. We know there can be complex requirements and special needs depending on what you are planning to do or working on right now. Over time we have developed a deep understanding of different meeting and event concepts and we put this to work when building the leading offsite booking platforms in these respective fields. 
Today we offer the most comprehensive MICE procurement solution for companies. Always staying true to our promise: Offering you the best spaces in the simplest booking flow possible.
The Spacebase family is a merger of the companies Spacebase, eventsofa, Deskbookers, Craftspace, Okanda and MICE Agency.

Which site is relevant for me?

Each of our platforms belongs to our Spacebase family and they complement each other perfectly. We tried to summarise it here - if you are unsure: Get in touch by following the contact at the bottom.

Spacebase is our main site and the leading worldwide booking platform for workshop locations and meeting rooms. We want to make your life easier and save you from boring, boxy, and grey meeting rooms. With us, finding and booking extraordinary locations for meetings and workshops is easy, quick, and cheap. 

Deskbookers is the local champion in the Netherlands and proudly serving all relevant educators and coaches, as well as companies with short-term meeting rooms and workspaces.

Do you need help with organizing the perfect event for your company? Then our MICE Experts at the MICE agency with their clever digital tools will assist you to plan your event. You will save time and money.

On eventsofa you can find the best event locations in Germany - no matter if you want to celebrate your birthday or find a venue for the perfect company Christmas party or upcoming conference. We have got all the locations you need.

Rather looking to rent a kitchen or workshop to get crafty? Then book a workbench to put your craft idea into action on Craftspace.

Company accounts can book across all our sites

As a company account member you can book across all our sites while the bookings are always processed according to your defined procurement guidelines and standards. Have questions about a company account or want to sign up for a new account?

See more details here

Where do I manage my space?

We make it simple for you. You can manage your space across all sites in one central backoffice. You see all bookings and requests consolidated in one place and any change you make is immediately shared across all sites. Login to your Space Dashboard on Spacebase and manage the distribution for each venue individually. See more info about how to manage Distribution here

I'm registered on several sites already.

Great news, you are benefitting from our Migration into a single backoffice a lot. We'll do our best to merge profiles across the sites. If there is any issues please reach out to us here